Capalaba FC's Summer 6s Competition

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The 2019 Capalaba FC Summer 6s Competition

In 2019, the Capalaba Football Club has again teamed up with Football Queensland to bring you Summer 6s, our summer tournament.

This year in addition to the social football competition, we are introducing a Open’s Competitive Competition for those who players who wish to test themselves against equally competitive players and be the overall champions and take home the prize money on offer*.

What is Summer 6s

Summer6s is all about providing a fun, fast, social format of the game during the off-season. It involves 6 players on each team on a modified, smaller pitch. Teams can have a maximum of 12 registered players.

With a large emphasis on fun, fitness and social benefits that only a team sport can offer, it is suitable for people of all age and skill levels. Summer6s is perfect for current players who want to keep active over the summer, those who have played but don’t have time to dedicate to a full winter season, individuals who just want to have some fun with friends and it is also a great opportunity for new participants to begin playing football in a fun and social setting.

Capalaba FC's Summer 6s is open to players from any club and people who are not currently registered with any club.

Who Can Play:

Capalaba FC will be running the following Summer 6 Competitions in 2019:

  • Juniors Age Groups - U6/U7, U8/U9, U10/U11, U12/U13, U14/U15 and U16/U17

  • Senior Age Groups - Social Open Mens, Open Womens and Open Mixed (minimum of 2 females on the field at all times)

  • Senior Age Groups - Competitive Open Men’s and Women’s (if nominated team numbers allow)

Where Will Matches Be Played:

All matches will be played at Capalaba FC's home ground - John Fredericks Park, Capalaba

When Will Matches Be Played:

  • Round 1 only will be played on Sunday 13th October 2019

  • All other rounds will be played on Friday Evenings

  • In the event that Friday night games are cancelled due to weather, they will be moved to the Sunday of that same week.

The competition starts the week of October 13th – December 13th 2019.

Important Literature:



  • $50 per player (U6 - U11)

  • $65 per player (U12 - U17)

  • $80 per player (U18 & Adults)

  • $110 per player (Open - Competitive*)

  • The best value competition of its type in Brisbane!

  • All players must be registered and have paid their fees fully before the competition starts

How To Register & Pay:

To register for the 2019 Summer 6's Competition, all players will need to follow the following simple process:

Step 1 - Complete Online Team Nomination (one per team only)

Each team nominated shall have one (1) nominated team convenor. The team convenor will receive all team related communication and be the main point of contact for all competition related matters.

A Team Nomination Form is to be completed by the Team Convenor and submitted by 6pm, Friday 4th October 2019 to ensure registered players can be allocated to teams appropriately.

Step 2 - Register & Pay Online

All players need to register via the online "Play Football" website which is now open:

  1. Click “Get Started” to commence the registration process.

  2. Select “I do not have a Football Account” if the player has not been registered with FFA previously; or

  3. Select “I already have a Football Account” if the player has been registered with FFA.

  4. Follow the prompts to sign in to your “Football Account” or register for a “Football Account”.

  5. Select the person you are registering for.

  6. Select the product applicable for the person you are registering:

    • if the player has NOT been registered to play outdoor football in 2019, ensure “Not Reg’d Outdoor” product is selected;

    • if the player has been registered to play outdoor football in 2019, ensure “Reg’d Outdoor” product is selected;

    • please ignore any drop down boxes or other selections.

  7. Confirm or update the details of the player being registered and click “Continue”.

  8. Confirm or update Profile Photo and click “Continue

  9. Review your order, accept all Terms and Conditions and click “Continue”.

  10. Add/Select any Vouchers/Coupons that may apply and enter payment details to finalise registration.

  11. All players must be registered online and Registration Fees paid at the time of registration - cash payments or other forms of payment cannot be made.

  12. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for further details about the competition (we'll also email you with further details).

If you are having issues with the registration process, please contact the Organise, email -

Need More Information? For more information about the Capalaba FC Summer 6's competition please contact the Organiser (email -

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