2019 is shaping up as a pivotal year in the 47 year history of Capalaba FC “Bulldogs” and sees both our NPLW and FQPL top teams aiming for top two finishes in their respective competitions and to firmly entrench our Club in the top echelon of our sport in Queensland.

Strategic recruitment, coupled with retainment of our core group of quality top team players has allowed the Club to dream of September success and early signs are reinforcing our belief that achievement of this goal is both realistic and achievable.

A big congratulations to our Football Department for all their off-season efforts to bring about change and a renewed energy.

Our NPLW and FQPL junior teams are focused heavily on the development of players that will produce our top teams players in years to come, ensuring a sustainable platform of success that is brought about by local talent.

Capalaba FC’s senior men and women’s programs continue to go from strength to strength, new players and new teams providing the club with playing strength in men’s and women’s City league, over 35’s, legends and over 45’s.

Our junior divisional teams are looking to consolidate and reinvigorate in what is an extremely competitive marker for player numbers. As a club we are providing quality coaching, quality support and an environment that meets the needs and expectations of our players and their families and ensuring we become the Club of choice for all junior players in our area.

Our Kick-off and Mini-roo programs continue to grow in participant numbers year on year and they continue to amaze us with their passion and excitement. We have re-focused our Mini-roos programs on player development and added to our Academy programs to bring about a steady stream of players who will fill our junior divisional, FQPL and NPLW and drive the levels of energy and passion for playing the World game with our Club for many years to come.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At Capalaba FC, we can design and tailor a sponsorship package that suits your business needs and budget.

We can build a sponsorship package that can include:

  • Logo placement on squad uniforms - NPLW, FQPL, Seniors, Juniors, Mini-roos, Kick-off

  • Logo placement on club polo

  • Logo placement on training shirts - NPLW, FQPL, Seniors, Juniors, Mini-roos, Kick-off

  • Marquee player (NPLW, FQPL) sponsorship and appearances

  • Player-of-the-match awards

  • Event sponsorship

  • Game day sponsorship

  • Personalised field signage

  • Personalised scoreboard signage

  • Personalised building signage

  • Club Website promotion

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, TeamApp) promotions and mentions

  • Provision of club merchandise (Stubby Holders, Beanies, Caps, etc)

  • Provision of a service to the club (painting, fencing, AV etc)

A sponsorship package can include any combination of cash, product or in-kind (service, discounts) that suits your budget and business.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Sponsoring sports clubs can provide unique opportunities for businesses and help them develop in ways that general advertising doesn’t.

  • Consumers are generally aware that official sponsors contribute to the events or sports they love, and research shows that sports fans have a more positive perception of event sponsors.

  • Sponsoring sporting clubs can help create loyalty towards the brand.

  • Sponsoring sports clubs increases brand awareness and recognition.

  • Staff working for the sponsoring business may develop a sense of pride and clients a sense of respect with the knowledge that the business is supporting the community.

  • Sponsoring a sports club can help to grow community support and a positive perception for the business.

  • Access for your brand to target your market.

  • It’s Fun to actively support your local team.

  • These benefits for businesses can continue well after sponsorship.

How can I get involved?

Contact Jason Ganter or Scott Giles at sponsors@capalababulldogs.com for a no obligation discussion or presentation on how you can partner Capalaba FC on their football journey.