Female Football Week - Male Champions of Female Football

Female Football week is not only about celebrating the work women and girls do, but also the crucial role male champions of female football play in the development and growth of the women’s game. 

In our Club, two guys in particular have played a significant and vital role in our women’s program. The majority of our members would say that without their input, our women’s program would not exist and it would certainly not exist in its current form. 

Robert “Gibbo” Gibson and Shaun Mcaney have been front and centre of our program for over ten years in various capacities. 

“Gibbo” has been a true champion of female football at Capalaba. He is a life member of our Club and over the last ten years or so, has held the roles of President, Brisbane Women’s Premier League coach, Open’s head coach in our debut season in the NPLW and, currently, City League 1 coach.  Gibbo has won many accolades in his time in the game, but possibly his greatest acknowledgement was being the recipient of the Football Brisbane Premier Coach award in 2017, when he took his team to the BWPL Grand Final against Annerley FC.  

He has fought many a battle in support for women’s football both at club and association level during his involvement and has consistently championed the recognition of the women’s game. He was a significant contributor to the battle to gain promotion to the NPLW and gained great satisfaction when this was achieved in 2018. His leadership and commitment to mentoring of female players, coaches and administrators is to be applauded loudly. 

To you, Gibbo, our Club owes you a lot and the strength of our women’s program is a testament to your drive and energy.  

Shaun McAney is another significant male champion of female football at our Club and has been active at our Club for over ten years as well. In his capacity as Women’s Chairperson he drove a significant part of the promotion, recruitment, development and growth as well as being the public face of the program in recent years. He has taken an active part in coaching since 2013 and in 2017 coached our Brisbane Women’s Premier League team to the championship and premiership, the team going through the season undefeated and scoring 80 goals for the season and only conceding 7.  

On our promotion to the NPLW in 2018, Shaun took on the role of Assistant Coach of our Open Women’s team and also Technical Director of our NPLW Program, a role he still performs to the highest level today.

Shaun and Gibbo are both members of our club that put their heart, soul and energy into delivering a women’s program that, we believe, is second to none in Queensland.

Capalaba FC are so fortunate to have Rob Gibson and Shaun McAney so dedicated to growing our women’s football programme at Capalaba. Our numbers grow steadily each year thanks to their tireless efforts and we treat our female players with respect and ensure that they are given every opportunity that the males are provided with.

Great blokes and true champions of Women’s Football – we raise our glasses to you and celebrate your contribution to the development of Women’s Football!