Pre-game Interview with Rhys Lambert

Today Capalaba FC caught up with Rhys Lambert, number “6” and central mid-fielder from our FQPL team, to chat with him before this weekend’s match against Rochedale Rovers.

CFC: Hi Rhys, thanks for catching up with us today, this is our first ever FQPL player interview and you have been a standout over the past couple of weeks. Lets start off with you telling us a little bit about your playing history - where have you played before, what brought you to Capalaba, what were the main things that attracted you to this Club, what are your ambitions in football?

RL: Thanks for having me. In 2014 I was fortunate enough to help the Palm Beach Sharks to be the NPL champions. Since then I have played in America at Montana State University and spent 4 month in England in 2017 training with a number of semi pro and pro clubs at conference level.

Jack Boxell was a big influence in bringing me to the Bulldogs. I’ve played with him in the past at Palm Beach and grew up with him on the Gold Coast. He’s a really good mate of mine.

Outside of that, I’ve always respected Capalaba as a club. They have a good history and I liked everything about the coaching staff from the day I met them.

CFC: The team is playing well at the moment, what has been the key to the recent run of wins?

RL: I think the key to the recent run of wins is a few tactical changes we made to our formation after rounds 1 and 2. We’ve also just developed as a playing group each week thanks to the solid efforts of everyone at training.

CFC: Your form has also been very good, with a couple of selections in the FQPL team of the week and a lot of good work in general play, what do you put that down to?

RL: I’m very happy and enjoying my football up here at Capalaba. Boothy, Matty and everyone around the club have been great and really helped me fit in from the minute I walked on to the pitch. It’s also a great bunch of a boys to play with, they are all very talented which helps make my job in the centre of the park a little bit easier.

CFC: Turning to this weekend’s match, what is the team looking to take out of this weeks match against Rochedale Rovers, what specifically has Coach Booth impressed upon the team?

RL: This week and every week for us now is about improving our performances over the entire 90 minutes and continuing to stay at the top of the table. We want to continue winning but also do it by playing the brand of exciting football we’ve produced over the past 6 weeks.

Coach Booth just asks that we stick to the game plan again this week and show the effort and commitment we’ve shown all season.

CFC: Finally, the boys all seem to enjoy a bit of banter between themselves and have a lot of fun, who would you say is the most annoying player in the team, you know the team pest or that player that drives you nuts?

RL: There is certainly a great team morale and the banter is always flying around at training with the weekly nominations up for grabs every Tuesday night. I would say that there are a few of the boys competing for the top honour of team pest! I’ve got to say that’s it’s probably a close run in between Stuey Edgar and Nicholas Robinson. Those two always have something to say! Although Ryan Cokell always has a good nom up his sleeve and he’s nommed me a few times for various reasons haha.

It is too hard to pick any single fella, but these 3 are always up to no good and you always have to have eyes in the back of your head.

CFC: Thank you Rhys, it’s been an absolute pleasure and we all look forward to you and the team continuing with its recent run of form and keeping your place at the top of the table. Good luck on Saturday evening.

Photo credit: Alan Minifie