Female Football Week - Spotlight on Julie Fay

All football clubs rely on their mums to be the backbone and driving force of a Clubs success. Capalaba FC is no different. Julie Fay is one of those mums who’s behind the scene efforts ensure the Club ticks over and never misses a beat.

Currently our Club Secretary, Julie has held a number of roles over the years, sacrificing the joy of watching her own kids football journey, to ensure all the other kids football journeys continued without hassle.


As Junior Chairperson, Julie was the lifeblood of our junior program. She was the one who organised the coaches, organised the players, arranged junior functions and end of season presentations, found missing playing kits, found AWOL players, calmed distressed parents, solved referee crises and still found the time to undertake the mountainous levels of paperwork associated with running a football club.


Volunteering can be a thankless and silent task at times, but Julie has always approached these tasks with a sense of purpose and calmness that masks the level of effort required. Just like a duck on a pond, all calm on the top but underneath the surface is where the energy is spent.


Our Club would not survive and prosper without the efforts of women like Julie. This is what female football week is all about – recognising those that don’t necessarily win the matches on the field, nor those who take the centre stage but those who work hard behind the scenes to provide the on-field stars with the resources and support to do what they do.


For all the Julies of this world, and all the other tireless behind the scenes workers – we celebrate you and your input into the world game.


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