Capalaba Bulldogs Women's and Men's team gain promotion for 2018 season

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A snippet of the article written by Joshua Paterson in the Redland City Bulletin:

Capalaba Bulldogs Football Club are on the rise.

The local club is chomping at the bit to start next season with its women’s team promoted to the statewide National Premier League and its men’s side promoted to the Football Queensland Premier League.

The promotions mean the women’s side is now playing just one tier under the fully professional W-League competition and the men are now playing just one tier under the National Premier League.

The club is understandably excited about the promotions, especially with the women’s side now playing in a competition which provides a direct pathway into the W-league and coming off the back of a season in which their women’s reserve side won the premier’s plate in an unbeaten season and their first grade side made the grand final in the Brisbane Women’s Premier League competition.

Some past Bulldogs who have gone onto playing at W-League level include Stef Latham, Jo Buckley and Sachiko Tatsuoka.

Capalaba FC women’s coordinator Shaun McAney said the club is exceptionally proud about the future ahead of them and the hard work they have put in the past to get to this point.

“It’s taken us about 10 years to get to where we are at the moment and that’s what we want to continue to do is to provide that pathway, to give the female players a clear pathway and a way to get into the W-league,” he said.

McAney said the club is confident of doing well in the women’s next season with plenty of depth in their successful women’s program to draw upon.

“There is a lot of depth at the club which is something we have been working towards over these last few years and that is why the girls and female players want to stay at the club because of the culture,” he said.

“Culture is big thing, we believe in our female program and having designated people for that program and that’s why it working and why players are staying at home, we’ve got the depth to bring numbers in for the open’s team.”

McAney said the club will take a young men’s side into 2018 season but are confident of the approach paying dividends down the track.

“It’s a five year licence we’ve got we expect the first year will be quite tough because we are looking at a young team going in, they are all about 20-21 age group but by year three is when we are expecting their development to move into the performance phase and they’ll be performing and being very competitive,” he said.

McAney said the club is confident of the women’s premier and reserve sides tasting success in 2018 having retained much of the squad from 2017.

“The majority of players we have retained, we are just looking at strengthening in a couple of positions at the moment,” he said.

“We are still open to new players who want to trial we are still running trial at the moment, Mondays and Wednesdays evenings at 7pm at John Fredericks Park at Capalaba.

We still have vacancies in our National Premier League Women’s  under 17 girls team and our Football Queensland Premier League under 16 boys team and interested players can register at