Capalaba FC Miniroos Player Grading & Team Placement

Friend Request Form (FRF)

In line with our community club aspect we do realise that playing with your friends is what makes team sport in most cases. Therefore, we have created a Friend Request Form (FRF). In general, we attempt to fulfill FRF for all players that are registered and paid by the advertised deadline. 

Instances where this maybe not be possible:

-  one or more of the players listed in the FRF are not registered by the deadline

-  one of more of the players listed in the FRF are unpaid by the deadline 

-  one of more of the players listed in the FRF have asked not to be placed with the player

-  If a combination of FRFs mean there are not enough spaces in a team for all the combined players

-  If placing all of the players listed in the FRF together means we have no volunteer parent coach from the group to conduct the training and games on behalf of the team 

Please remember that we ask that: 

-  all players in FRF forms are registered and paid before the deadline

-  that parents have spoken to the parents of players in FRF forms to ensure both players have listed each other  - that parents understand that to be able to fulfil FRF that we may need to move a / the players out of his or her existing team into a new team. We do not move players not listed in a FRF out of their existing teams to accommodate other players’ FRFs.

Under 6/7 age group your competition is ungraded therefore we usually have a much higher success rate.

Under 8-11 age group the competition is graded into 3 ability levels. Our priority is to place players into the level of competition that best fits their ability first, before considering friend requests. 

Training field and time allocation

We book team training on field availability and coach availability first, before considering if all the players can attend. You can use the FRF to let us know which night of the week you CANNOT train. However be aware this will affect the likelihood of us being able to fulfil your FRF.

Under 6-11 Grading Process

Teams in these age groups are graded on skill, ability and performance. In these categories we have Gecko (Beginner), Goanna (Moderate) and Komodo (Academy) teams. 

We prioritise team placement at the correct level for player development before considering any Friend Request Form. If two players wish to play together and they are both graded in the same ability level, then we will do our upmost to ensure they are in the same team. 

Players should attend the club’s grading sessions to be placed in a suitable team, according to their ability level.

If a player doesn’t attend one of the grading sessions then they will be placed in a Gecko level team.

Under 6/7 Teams

There is no trials for these teams - the club will hold a muster day during January 2019 where registered players can be placed into teams in preparation for the season.

U8-U11 Academy

The club runs Academy teams at Under 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Trials for these teams are:

-               Monday 29th October 2018   U8 5-6pm / U9 6.10-7.10pm

-               Wednesday 31st October 2018    U10 5-6pm / U11 6.10-7.10pm

-               Monday 5th November 2018    U10 5-6pm / U11 6.10-7.10pm

-               Wednesday 7th November 2018   U8 5-6pm / U9 6.10-7.10pm

Successful players will be notified via email.

Unsuccessful players will also be notified and asked to come to our Goannas / Geckos grading sessions in January 2019. They will be monitored throughout the season and in some instances may be offered an Academy squad place if an opportunity rises.

Under 8-11 Goannas and Geckos

Trials will be held on:

-               Monday 28th January 2019 U8 5-6pm / U9 6.10-7.10pm

-               Wednesday 30th January 2019 U10 5-6pm / U11 6.10-7.10pm

-               Monday 4th February 2019 U10 5-6pm / U11 6.10-7.10pm

-               Wednesday 6th February 2019 U8 5-6pm / U9 6.10-7.10pm

Players will be notified via email.